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WallStreetBets is a cryptocurrency token made for the community. WallStreetBets token is a way to fight against the hedge funds, Wall Street Suits and further our freedom. Note that the token itself is intentionally named WBS to separate us from the WSB token, we are not associated with the WSB token in any way.

The community will vote in what direction token and project go. Will we become a Governance token and then airdrop a new token to all WBS holders? or the community just wants it to stay a meme token? This is the one of the joys of having a community-based tokens with traders whom have access to developers.

Presale ended

Update: Pre-sale has ended! You can find our locked collateral here: https://team.finance/view-coin/0x8D554DB662583d4E3B7d61514da7b79e023aE94d
After the presale concludes the 8 February all funds from the presale will be locked into a Uniswap pool as you know.  95% will be on Uniswap and only 5% of the total market cap will go to developers. The smart contract on Uniswap will be locked for 2 years minimum, and this way you will get fair market value and can be sure that the tokens aren’t just going to be dumped by the dev team.

Community Proposals Coming Soon!

Tokens can be used to propose and vote on important decisions. This is the next step in this project.


What is WallStreetBets Token?

WallStreetBets is a cryptocurrency token made for the community, by the community (yes, the real WallStreetBets community from Reddit). Most of us there are retail traders, but we also have access to a very talented team of developers. Considering the current surge in retail traders vs hedge funds/Wall Street Suits, we are planning on making this token yet another tool for the community to use to give us an edge over them. (Note that, at the moment, @WSBChairman and @WSBMods from Twitter are NOT part of the team).

Website: https://wbstoken.com/

Who are the developers behind the project?:

The team was formed after some discussions about creating a WSB themed token, primarily as a meme to start with, but as discussions progressed, the idea for WBS token grew. The team are mostly active traders that all met on WSB reddit.

Why is there no Roadmap, and Whitepaper?

A roadmap and whitepaper are not yet required. At this time roadmap contains most of the information already included on this website. The future of the token is decided by the community, not by the developers. Will we be a meme coin and join the ranks of Doge? Will we become a true community-based governance token and airdrop to WBS holders? We surely don’t know yet, hence no Whitepaper or Roadmap.

To show we are here for the long term, presale funds have been locked for 2 years. A community will later decide what’s done with these tokens. This could be exchange listings, dividing it among current holders, marketing, influencers. You can check the status of the locked fund here:


Where can I purchase WBS token?

Tokpie exchange: WBS/ETH: https://tokpie.com/view_exchange/WBS-ETH/ 

Tokpie exchange: WBS/USDT: https://tokpie.com/view_exchange/WBS-USDT/ 

Tokpie exchange: WBS/WBTC: https://tokpie.com/view_exchange/WBS-WBTC/

Uniswap: WBS/ETH: https://info.uniswap.org/pair/0xaae570327330b4efc0ae0edf84b0509ad4a3cb0e 

Where can I check the contract?



We’re excited to bring this tool to the community and looking forward to watching it grow. We’ll endeavor to update our FAQ as the community decides on it’s direction.

The Team:

George Lopez is the best programmer we saw in years who has the same name as one of the biggest comedians out there. People ask him all the time is he related, although this is not something he likes, he is a little comedian himself. Loves crypto hates trading, but he fixed that by making the best trading algos retail traders ever seen before. He is "the dude behind the code".
Nakitu Minayashi is the man, the myth the legend. Started as a freelance guru, stumbled on crypto mining, continue trading, became a god of trading, got bored, then gather around the best minds for this project. Wants to help common people get "the vote" in making decisions.
Peter Mueller missed the entry into mining crypto when he heard about it when first cpu miners were popular. As a late starter in 2017 he learned fast about using API driven crypto trading systems for PCs. Throughout his journey he gained good knowledge about global economy and correlation with crypto and made good insider contacts. He believes in the freedom of building and having a decentralized crypto based financial system driven by the community to become more independent from the "Fiat" system. He has a talent of finding the most impossible bugs in any system and is an avid tester to make sure things run free of bugs with the WBS Token.
Julian Bustleton cut his teeth trading in the FX realm. It wasn't until early 2017 until a friends introduced him to cryptocurrency and he decided to expand his trading out to this new frontier. Julian is now part time trade, part time systems analyst and full time dad. His hobby is correcting Nakitu's spelling and grammar.
He keep teams energy up.
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